Frame: Metal

Bridge Width, mm: 21

Arm Length, mm: 140

Lens Height, mm: 52

Protection: UV3

Colour: Matte Black/Smoke (EVS.26235)

Original Packaging: Yes

Model: TO0220-02A-52


One of the most famous Italian high-fashion houses with a centenarian tradition behind it, Tod’s has become a synonym of luxury and elegance all over the world, with a worldwide spread market that makes the group gain almost 800 millions of Euros each year. Under the Tod’s group we can find, apart from the same Tod’s line, Hogan, Fay and the licensed brand Roger Vivier, all specialized in shoes and leather goods production.


Tod’s birth dates back to the 1920’s, when Dorino Della Valle decided to start a new shoe manufacturing business in his native town in the central Italian region of Marche. From there, he started to produce hand-made shoes, very particular and elegant items custom-made to satisfy every client’s needs.


The turning point came in the 70’s. Dorino’s elder son, Diego Della Valle, took over the helm of the family little workshop transforming it into a real shoe-manufacturing factory. The launch by the end of the decade of the famous and patented “Gommino” brought Tod’s to the peak of international success. The man’s elegant moccasin with 133 rubber pebbles on its soles, that have become a symbol of the shoe and the same Italian maison, “Gommino” was one of the most appreciated products of Italian shoe manufacturing. Its key point was, and still is, the possibility to wear this elegant man’s shoe in different occasions and situations, from the most formal to everyday life. The same ideal brought Diego Della Valle to open up towards the bag’s sector, beginning to produce lines of trendy and handy bags for men in late 90’s.


Shoes and bags are only the most important items produced by Tod’s, which go side by side with other leather goods, as well as lines of high-fashion for men, women and children and accessories that go from jewelry and watches to sunglasses and eyewear. All the lines are produced by the different brands that have been forming the Tod’s group since its great outburst.


The famous luxurious shoe brand Hogan was launched in the 80’s in the US and Italy, its high- quality sneakers becoming one of the most renowned made-in-Italy fashion product. While the key point of Hogan are leather goods, Fay is more focused on classical and timeless clothing lines for men, women and even kids. The Roger Vivier brand was the last to be acquired in the 90’s, hiring the Italian designer Bruno Frisoni as the creative head of the luxury shoe producer. Under the creative lead of Frisoni and many other famous stylists, Tod’s group went on from success to success and invaded the international fashion panorama with its classy and elegant products.

Through the years, Tod’s group has seen not only the collaboration of famous fashion designers, but also of photographers and celebrities that have been contributing to increase the Italian’s brand popularity. Important names of the English Royal family such as Kate Middelton or Princess Diana, stars of the red carpet like Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Renee Zellweger, Michael Douglas, Sienna Miller, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Garner, as well as pop stars like Gwen Stefani have appeared wearing Tod’s creations, as a demonstration of the great success of the Italian fashion group, one of the most appreciated among the international jet-set.


The inspiration behind Tod’s creative leather goods and shoes comes mostly from Italian traditions and arts. As new collections are launched, we can notice clearly how paintings and arts have left their mark on the Italian fashion house. Given this mutual relationship, Tod’s group has been committing itself to cultural initiatives, sponsoring and promoting different kind of activities, from expositions to theatre representations. The Italian’s luxury brand even included in its advertisement campaign two short films that represented the production story of Tod’s shoe through a ballet.


In ballet, shoes are fundamental, they change the way you dance. Tod’s has understood and made it clear that a beautiful and comfortable shoe can change not only the way you look, but the way you feel, live, walk…or dance.


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