Frame: Metal

Bridge Width, mm: 17

Arm Length, mm: 140

Lens Height, mm: 55

Protection: UV3

Colour: Gold/Red (EVS.26433)

Original Packaging: Yes

Model: MOS023/S-C9A-61


The Maison was founded by Franco Moschino in 1983, and from that moment starts an expansion that gives the sense of what the 80s were for the history of Italian fashion. Franco Moschino was born in Abbiategrasso in 1950 and entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan at only 17. Cultivating the dream of becoming a painter. His passion for fashion happened by chance: he started working as a freelance illustrator for important magazines, including Gianni Versace. From that moment his vision of fashion changed profoundly. His collections were a tool for reflecting society with irony. n fact, every detail on his shows had a precise meaning even if his clothes were so colorful, exaggerated, extravagant. After these years, he changed her mind. The designer's philosophy was to make fashion affordable for everyone; he had to create masterpieces being sure that everyone can enjoy it. His sacrifices and his ideals concretely took life in 1988 when the fashion house launched a new brand Cheap and Chic Donna and Cheap and Chic Uomo. Between 1989 and 1990 he opened the first boutiques in Italy, in Milan. In 1994 Franco Moschino died and Rossella Jardini succeed him as creative director. in 1999 many changes happened. The company was acquired by Aeffe who decided to open boutiques all over the world as first commitment. Polka dots and stripes, the Harlequin print and fruit, the heart and the symbol of peace, the matelassé bags and the golden circle earrings are just some of the icons of this company. The designer's interest in the lifestyle of the people remained at the center of the company's mission. This continues to express a philosophy where fashion is a means of celebrating values and joie de vivre.


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