Frame: Metal/Acetate

Bridge Width, mm: 23

Arm Length, mm: 145

Lens Height, mm: 47

Protection: UV3

Colour: Gold/Transparent Grey (EVS.17968)

Original Packaging: Yes

Model: IRS3-003/GUN-47


RON Paris is an eyewear brand with a French vintage touch born in the heart of Paris.

It was created by Cedric ACHACHE with a passion for fashion who have always been on the lookout for new trends. He spent most of his childhood at showrooms of the most prestigious ready-to-wear brands compelled by their parents’ profession in Fashion.

This valuable knowledge raises in them the culture of luxury.

His passion and creativity will find their output in eyewear. Much more than an accessory, glasses help assert your personal style and follow the current trends. They are now an object of desire which can help compliment your facial features and complete your looks. It is with this state of mind that the three associates continue to develop and evolve.

For more than 10 years, they learn, observe and acquire all the necessary know-how, because their ultimate dream is to create their own eyewear claim. 2015, the brand born after the Bataclan attack when people go outside on the Parisian street and SCAND Paris is the IRON city, we are not afraid, we will continue to leave 2016 strikes the hour of putting their knowledge to test and the collection takes shape.

Their creations erase all boundaries between the feminine and the masculine, they mix modern with vintage. The creator with eclectic influences shout out: "Paris, its architecture, our childhood, fashion, traveling, great legends: everything inspires us."

Creating this collection took some time as it was done through deep research in the middle of renowned Parisian designers:

"We wanted to build our own universe, according to our vision of things, with specific shapes, colors and details."

The result? Precise trimmings designed to flatter the shape of absolutely every face. Timeless chic models with highly desirable vintage color tints.

IRON Paris

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