The history of the Police brand goes back to 1978 when the De Rigo brothers founded Charme Lunettes in Limana, Belluno. This small company hired 30 people to manufacture sunglasses and frames for corrective lenses, originally for other companies.




Over the coming years they started to make prescription eye glasses and sunglasses under their own De Rigo brand. In 1983 the De Rigo brothers decided to start their own designer sunglasses range. The idea for De Rigo was to use the ideas of the fashion world and bring them into the sunglasses market in a way that they had never done before. They wanted to offer the best designs in terms of function, with an edgy and unique style – inspiring new trends and marketing a new collection every year. The De Rigo website explains:

“The Police street style was created for the specific purpose of launching in Europe a range of unisex sunglasses inspired by an American, on-the-road lifestyle, and soon stood out for its strong personality. It was designed for young people, either by age or lifestyle, a little bold, rebellious, trying to constantly affirm their unconventionality. It was revolutionary: sunglasses no longer had the sole purpose of protecting the wearer’s eyes, but became a fashion accessory too.”

Throughout the 1980’s Police sunglasses were always on the cutting edge of fashion. Their designs became famous worldwide, genuinely turning sunglasses, which had always been something used out of necessity in order to shield your eyes, into a genuine fashion statement. They took the ideas of the fashion world to heart by putting together a sunglasses convention in Venice in 1993 called SUN-DAY. They were the first sunglasses brand to use this format, which was immediately successful and they repeated the format in a different country every year.

In order to keep up with market demand worldwide, but especially in Europe, Police expanded their operations to Germany and Austria in 1988 and France in 1992. As an example of how far the company had come by 1995, they signed a licensing agreement with FIFA.

By the mid-90’s Police were known as a brand for people who wanted to show off a unique style and stand out amongst the crowd. In 1995 they released a range of sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses, which were ahead of their time. Something that Police always intended to be, inspiring and endorsing new trends.

Which is why the Police brand has always been popular with fashion Icons from the world of celebrity.